A little about me

I am a product development and web professional based in France. My passion lies in designing design systems, developing web APIs, and projects involving advanced technologies. I strive not to take myself too seriously while being fully engaged in my projects.

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills, particularly in emerging technologies. Although my work is my main passion, I find time for hobbies such as reading and playing video games, which keeps me creative and fun.

Currently, I am working at Solware as a Frontend Developer and Designer, where I am involved in the design and development of next-generation software for dealership management. My role mainly involves building the application's user interface using React and TypeScript.

Currently, I am on a path to explore new challenges and collaborate with diverse teams to bring innovative projects to life. I am always open to new opportunities and collaborations.

What I've been working on

In 2024, I plan to create a platform where people from different backgrounds can share and find inspiring setups. It will be the perfect place to find the best setup to help you be creative and make your personal workspace better.

Let's talk

Email me or reach out on @asmirbe to chat about weather, design or anything else you're interested in! At present, I'm trying to improve my Arabic language skills, مرحبا!