Crafting minimalist, impactful web experiences with Svelte and NextJS.

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Hello, I'm Asmir, I make different kinds of websites and apps with a focus on making them look good and work well online. In 2020 — i joined Solware as a Design & Front End Developer.

I'm a big fan of minimalist design, I also love to work with framework such as Svelte and NextJS.

Spare time

After hours i run Baryum — a curated collection of the best websites I've found on the web.

Baryum 2022

I'm also working on Wayread — a writing platform for anyone who loves to read and write in a minimalist environment. Both of these projects are currently in development.

Wayread 2022


My availability is limited, but I sometimes accept short-term projects. If you're a founder or part of an open-source project or startup seeking advice on design or code, feel free to contact me by email.